Upcoming release - coreboot 4.18

The 4.18 release is planned for August 2022.

Update this document with changes that should be in the release notes.

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  • See the past few release notes for the general format.
  • The chip and board additions and removals will be updated right before the release, so those do not need to be added.

Significant changes

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Plans for Code Deprecation

Intel Icelake

Intel Icelake code will be removed following the 4.19 release, planned for November 2022. This consists of the Intel Icelake SOC and Intel Icelake RVP mainboard

Intel Icelake is unmaintained. Also, the only user of this platform ever was the CRB board. From the looks of it the code never was ready for production as only engineering sample CPUIDs are supported. This reduces the maintanence overhead for the coreboot project.


Legacy SMP init will be removed from the coreboot master branch immediately following this release. Anyone looking for the latest version of the code should find it on the 4.18 branch.

This also includes the codepath for SMM_ASEG. This code is used to start APs and do some feature programming on each AP, but also set up SMM. This has largely been superseded by PARALLEL_MP, which should be able to cover all use cases of LEGACY_SMP_INIT, with little code changes. The reason for deprecation is that having 2 codepaths to do the virtually the same increases maintenance burden on the community a lot, while also being rather confusing.