Upcoming release - coreboot 4.17

The 4.17 release is planned for May, 2022.

We are continuing the quarterly release cadence in order to enable others to release quarterly on a fresher version of coreboot.

Update this document with changes that should be in the release notes.

  • Please use Markdown.
  • See the past few release notes for the general format.
  • The chip and board additions and removals will be updated right before the release, so those do not need to be added.

Significant changes

CBMEM init hooks changed

Instead of having per stage x_CBMEM_INIT_HOOK, we now have only 2 hooks:

  • CBMEM_CREATION_HOOK: Used only in the first stage that creates cbmem, typically romstage. For instance code that migrates data from cache as ram to dram would use this hook.
  • CBMEM_READY_HOOK: Used in every stage that has cbmeme. An example would initializing the cbmem console by appending to what previous stages logged. This reason for this change is improved flexibility with regards to which stage initializes cbmem.

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