Upcoming release - coreboot 4.10

The 4.10 release is planned for April/May 2019

Update this document with changes that should be in the release notes.

  • Please use Markdown.
  • See the 4.7 and 4.9 release notes for the general format.
  • The chip and board additions and removals will be updated right before the release, so those do not need to be added.

Significant changes

device_t is no more

coreboot used to have a data type, device_t that changed shape depending on whether it is compiled for romstage (with limited memory) or ramstage (with unlimited memory as far as coreboot is concerned). It’s an old relic from the time when romstage wasn’t operated in Cache-As-RAM mode, but compiled with our romcc compiler.

That data type is now gone.