Upcoming release - coreboot 4.15

The 4.15 release is planned for October 2021.

Update this document with changes that should be in the release notes.

  • Please use Markdown.
  • See the past few release notes for the general format.
  • The chip and board additions and removals will be updated right before the release, so those do not need to be added.

Significant changes

Merged family of Asus mainboards using H61 chipset

By using newer coreboot features like board variants and override devicetrees, lots of code can now be shared. This should ease maintenance and also make it easier for newcomers to add support for even more mainboards.

Changed default setting for Intel chipset lockdown

Previously, the default behaviour for Intel chipset lockdown was to let the FSP do it. Since all related mainboards used the coreboot mechanisms for chipset lockdown, the default behaviour was changed to that.

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