X11 LGA1151 series

The Supermicro X11 LGA1151 series are mostly the same boards with some minor differences in internal and external interfaces like available PCIe slots, NICs (1 GbE, 10 GbE), IPMI, RAID Controller etc.

Required proprietary blobs


  • Intel FSP2.0 can not be removed as long as there is no free replacement
  • Intel ME can be cleaned using me_cleaner (~4.5 MiB more free space)
  • Intel Ethernet Controller Firmware can be removed when it’s extended functionality is not needed. For more details refer to the respective datasheet (e.g 333016-008 for I210).
  • Boards with AST2400 BMC/IPMI: Firmware can be replaced by OpenBMC

Flashing coreboot

Look at the flashing tutorial and the board-specific section.

Known issues

These issues apply to all boards. Have a look at the board-specific issues, too.

  • MRC caching does not work on cold boot with Intel SPS (see Intel FSP2.0)


  • Fix issues above
  • Fix issues in board specific sections
  • Add more boards! :-)


CPU Intel Kaby Lake
PCH Intel C232/C236
Coprocessor Intel SPS (server version of the ME)