Intel Firmware Support Package (FSP)-specific documentation

This section contains documentation about Intel-FSP in public domain.

Integration Guidelines

Some guiding principles when working on the glue to integrate FSP into coreboot, e.g. on how to configure a board in devicetree when that affects the way FSP works:

  • It should be possible to replace FSP based boot with a native coreboot implementation for a given chipset without touching the mainboard code.
  • The devicetree configures coreboot and part of what coreboot does with the information is setting some FSP UPDs. The devicetree isn’t supposed to directly configure FSP.


As Intel doesn’t even list known bugs, they are collected here until those are fixed. If possible a workaround is described here as well.


  • IA32_FEATURE_CONTROL MSR is locked in FSP-M
    • Release MR2
    • Writing the MSR is required in ramstage for Intel TXT
    • Workaround: none
    • Issue on public tracker: Issue 10
  • FSP-S asserts if the thermal PCI device 00:1f.6 is disabled
    • Release MR2
    • FSP expects the PCI device to be enabled
    • FSP expects BARs to be properly assigned
    • Workaround: Don’t disable this PCI device
    • Issue on public tracker: Issue 13
  • FSP Notify(EnumInitPhaseAfterPciEnumeration) hangs if 00:02.03/00:02.03 are hidden
    • Release MR2
    • Seems to get stuck on some SKUs only if hidden after MemoryInit
    • Workaround: Hide before MemoryInit
    • Issue on public tracker: Issue 35


  • MfgId and ModulePartNum in the DIMM_INFO struct are empty
    • Release 3.7.1
    • Those values are typically consumed by SMBIOS type 17
    • Workaround: none
    • Issue on public tracker: Issue 22
  • MRC forces memory re-training on cold boot on boards with Intel SPS
    • Releases 3.7.1, 3.7.6
    • Workaround: Flash Intel ME instead of SPS
    • Issue on public tracker: Issue 41


  • Internal UART can’t be disabled using PcdEnableHsuart*
    • Release MR2
    • Workaround: Disable internal UART manually after calling FSP
    • Issue on public tracker: Issue 10


  • Disabling the internal graphics causes a crash in FSP-M
    • and older version
    • Workaround: Set “tconfig->PanelPowerEnable = 0”
    • Issue on public tracker: Issue 49

Additional Features in FSP 2.1 specification

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