Building coreboot


Prior to building coreboot the following files are required:

StarBook series:

  • Intel Flash Descriptor file (descriptor.bin)
  • Intel Management Engine firmware (me.bin)
  • ITE Embedded Controller firmware (ec.bin)

StarLite series:

  • Intel Flash Descriptor file (descriptor.bin)
  • IFWI Image (ifwi.rom)

The files listed below are optional:

  • Splash screen image in Windows 3.1 BMP format (Logo.bmp)

These files exist in the correct location in the StarLabsLtd/blobs repo on GitHub which is used in place of the standard 3rdparty/blobs repo.


The following commands will build a working image, where the last two words represent the series and processor i.e. lite_glkr:

make distclean
make defconfig KBUILD_DEFCONFIG=configs/config.starlabs_starbook_adl