HP EliteBook 8760w

This page describes how to run coreboot on the HP EliteBook 8760w.

The coreboot code for this laptop is still not merged, you need to checkout the code on gerrit to build coreboot for the laptop.

Flashing coreboot

Type Value
Socketed flash no
Model W25Q64.V
Size 8 MiB
Package SOIC-8
Write protection no
Dual BIOS feature no
In circuit flashing yes
Internal flashing yes

Required proprietary blobs

Flashing instructions

HP EliteBook 8760w has an 8 MiB SOIC-8 flash chip on the bottom of the mainboard. You just need to remove the service cover, and use an SOIC-8 clip to read and flash the chip.



  • dock: serial port, parallel port, …
  • TPM
  • S3 suspend/resume
  • Gigabit Ethernet


  • i7-2630QM, 0+4G+8G+0
  • i7-3720QM, 8G+8G+8G+8G
  • Arch Linux boot from SeaBIOS payload
  • EHCI debug: the port is at the right side, next to the charging port
  • SATA
  • eSATA
  • USB2 and USB3
  • keyboard, touchpad, trackpad
  • WLAN
  • WWAN
  • Using me_cleaner


Northbridge Intel Sandy Bridge-specific documentation
Southbridge bd82x6x
CPU model_206ax
Super I/O SMSC LPC47n217
Coprocessor Intel Management Engine