Asus Wi-Fi Go! v1

In this version, a standard half-length mPCIe card is mounted on the Asus Wi-Fi Go! daughter board, and the daughter board is connected to the motherboard through a proprietary 16-1 pin connector. ../../_images/wifigo_v1_connector.jpg

I managed to grope the most pinout of the proprietary connector. See Mini PCIe pinout for more info.

WIFIGO Pin Usage mPCIe pin WIFIGO Pin Usage mPCIe pin
1 3.3v (many) 2 REFCLK- 11
3 GND (many) 4 REFCLK+ 13
5 WAKE# 1 6 PERn0 23
7 (absent)   8 PERp0 25
9 GND   10 PETn0 31
11 PERST# 20 12 PETp0 33
13 GND   14 (USBD-?) (36?)
15 3.3v   16 (USBD+?) (38?)

There are two kinds of daughter boards using this connector. One among them has one MMCX antenna connector, the other has two antenna connectors and USB lane wired (this kind may be called BT Go!). I can only obtain the former, so I cannot confirm the exact way the USB data lane gets wired. ../../_images/wifigo_v1_board.jpg

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