Known issues with Haswell

These issues are specific to the Haswell architecture. For a given mainboard, there might be additional issues to those listed here.

PCIe graphics

Using a PCIe graphics card for display output is not currently supported. This is because mrc.bin requires workarounds to have such a feature working correctly.

However, there is a patch on Gerrit that allows PCIe graphics to be used for display output. This patch is not guaranteed to be of the same level of quality as code committed to coreboot.

Still, in some cases, a PCIe graphics card can be used for rendering, while the integrated graphics device is used for display output. This can be achieved under GNU/Linux by using PRIME GPU offloading.

PCIe 3.0

Only PCIe 2.0 has been tested so far. PCIe 3.0 could potentially have stability issues.