Protectli Vault VP2420

This page describes how to run coreboot on the [Protectli VP2420].

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Required proprietary blobs

To build a minimal working coreboot image some blobs are required (assuming only the BIOS region is being modified).

Binary file Apply Required / Optional
FSP-M, FSP-S Intel Firmware Support Package Required
microcode CPU microcode Required

FSP-M and FSP-S are obtained after splitting the Elkhart Lake FSP binary (done automatically by the coreboot build system and included into the image) from the 3rdparty/fsp submodule.

Microcode updates are automatically included into the coreboot image by build system from the 3rdparty/intel-microcode submodule.

Flashing coreboot

Internal programming

The main SPI flash can be accessed using [flashrom]. Firmware can be easily flashed with internal programmer (either BIOS region or full image).

External programming

The system has an internal flash chip which is a 16 MiB soldered SOIC-8 chip. This chip is located on the top side of the case (the lid side). One has to remove 4 top cover screws and lift up the lid. The flash chip is soldered in under RAM, easily accessed after taking out the memory. Specifically, it’s a KH25L12835F (3.3V) which is a clone of Macronix MX25L12835F - [datasheet][MX25L12835F].



  • USB 3.0 front ports (SeaBIOS, Tianocore UEFIPayload and Linux)
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • HDMI, DisplayPort
  • flashrom
  • M.2 WiFi
  • M.2 4G LTE
  • M.2 SATA and NVMe
  • 2.5’’ SATA SSD
  • eMMC
  • Super I/O serial port 0 via front microUSB connector
  • SMBus (reading SPD from DIMMs)
  • Initialization with Elkhart Lake FSP 2.0
  • SeaBIOS payload (version rel-1.16.0)
  • TianoCore UEFIPayload
  • Reset switch
  • Booting Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD


CPU Intel Celeron J6412
PCH Intel Elkhart Lake
Super I/O, EC ITE IT8613E
Coprocessor Intel Management Engine