Hermes is a regular ATX board designed for workstation PCs.

The board features:

  • 5 PCIe 16x Gen3 slots
  • 4 ECC capable DDR4 DIMMs
  • 5 dedicated Ethernet ports
  • 1 BMC Ethernet port
  • VGA
  • COM port
  • 2 COM port headers
  • 4 SATA ports,
  • NVMe M2 slot
  • CNVi M2 slot
  • 3 optional DisplayPort outputs
  • optional TPM2

Required proprietary blobs

Flashing coreboot

  • The BIOS flash can be updated over the BMC, but the update file has a proprietary format
  • For development a dediprog compatible pinheader is present which allows to use an EM100

Known issues

  • MRC caching does not work on cold boot with Intel SPS (see Intel FSP2.0)


CPU CoffeeLake + CoffeeLake R (Core + Xeon)
PCH Intel C246
Coprocessor Intel SPS (server version of the ME)
Super I/O none
BMC Aspeed AST2500