Foxconn D41S

This page describes how to run coreboot on the FOXCONN D41S desktop from FOXCONN. The D42S, D51S, D52S are compatible boards with the difference being the CPU.

Building coreboot

The default options for this board should result in a fully working image:

# echo "CONFIG_VENDOR_FOXCONN=y" > .config
# echo "CONFIG_BOARD_FOXCONN_D41S=y" >> .config
# make olddefconfig && make

Flashing coreboot

Type Value
Socketed flash yes
Model W25X80
Size 1 MiB
In circuit flashing yes
Package DIP-8
Write protection No
Dual BIOS feature No
Internal flashing yes

Internal programming

The SPI flash can be accessed using flashrom.

External programming

The easiest to flash externally is to simply extract the SPI flash from its socket. To do this gently take the SPI flash out of its socket and flash with your programmer.

NOTE: Don’t forget to set the WP# AND HOLD# to 3V.

NOTE2: Make sure to reinsert it in the right direction afterward

Location and orientation of the SPI flash socket ../../_images/d41s_flash.jpg


Northbridge Intel Pinevew
Southbridge Intel NM10
CPU model_106cx
SuperIO ITE IT8721F
clockgen (CK505) ICS 9LPRS525AGLF