Google Summer of Code

Organization admins

The organization admins are managing the GSoC program for the coreboot organization.

The organization admins are:

  • Felix Singer (primary)
  • Martin Roth
  • David Hendricks


If you are interested in participating in GSoC as a contributor or mentor, please have a look at our community forums and reach out to us. Working closely with the community is highly encouraged, as we’ve seen that our most successful contributors are generally very involved.

Why work on coreboot for GSoC?

  • coreboot offers you the opportunity to work with various architectures right on the iron. coreboot supports both current and older silicon for a wide variety of chips and technologies.
  • coreboot has a worldwide developer and user base.
  • We are a very passionate team, so you will interact directly with the project initiators and project leaders.
  • We have a large, helpful community. coreboot has some extremely talented and helpful experts in firmware involved in the project. They are ready to assist and mentor contributors participating in GSoC.
  • One of the last areas where open source software is not common is firmware. Running proprietary firmware can have severe effects on user’s freedom and security. coreboot has a mission to change that by providing a common framework for initial hardware initialization and you can help us succeed.

Contributor requirements & commitments

Google Summer of Code is a significant time commitment for you. Medium-sized projects are estimated to take 175 hours, while large-sized projects are estimated to take 350 hours. Depending on the project size, this means we expect you to work roughly half-time or full-time on your project during the three months of coding. We expect to be able to see this level of effort in the results.

The standard program duration is 12 weeks and in consultation with the mentor it can be extended up to 22 weeks. Please keep in mind that the actual number of hours you spend on the project highly depends on your skills and previous experience.

Make sure that your schedule (exams, courses, day job) gives you a sufficient amount of spare time. If this is not the case, then you should not apply.

Before applying

  • Join the mailing list and our other community forums. Introduce yourself and mention that you are a prospective GSoC contributor. Ask questions and discuss the project that you are considering. Community involvement is a key component of coreboot development.
  • You accept our Code of Conduct and Language style.
  • Demonstrate that you can work with the coreboot codebase.

During the program

  • To pass and to be paid by Google requires that you meet certain milestones.
    • First, you must be in good standing with the community before the official start of the program. We expect you to post some design emails to the mailing list, and get feedback on them, both before applying, and during the “community bonding period” between acceptance and official start.
    • You must have made progress and committed significant code before the mid-term point and by the final.
    • We require that accepted contributors to maintain a blog, where you are expected to write about your project WEEKLY. This is a way to measure progress and for the community at large to be able to help you. GSoC is NOT a private contract between your mentor and you.
  • You must be active in the community on IRC and the mailing list.
  • You are expected to work on development publicly, and to push commits to the project on a regular basis. Depending on the project and what your mentor agrees to, these can be published directly to the project or to a public repository such as Gitlab or Github. If you are not publishing directly to the project codebase, be aware that we do not want large dumps of code that need to be rushed to meet the mid-term and final goals.

We don’t expect our contributors to be experts in our problem domain, but we don’t want you to fail because some basic misunderstanding was in your way of completing the task.


There are many development tasks available in coreboot. We prepared some ideas for Summer of Code projects. These are projects that we think can be managed in the timeline of GSoC, and they cover areas where coreboot is trying to reach new users and new use cases.

Of course your application does not have to be based on any of the ideas listed. It is entirely possible that you have a great idea that we just didn’t think of yet. Please let us know!

The blog posts related to previous GSoC projects might give some insights to what it is like to be a coreboot GSoC contributor.

coreboot Summer of Code Application

coreboot welcomes contributors from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

Your application should include a complete project proposal. You should document that you have the knowledge and the ability to complete your proposed project. This may require a little research and understanding of coreboot prior to sending your application. The community and coreboot project mentors are your best resource in fleshing out your project ideas and helping with a project timeline. We recommend that you get feedback and recommendations on your proposal before the application deadline.

Please complete the standard GSoC application and project proposal. Provide the following information as part of your application. Make sure to provide multiple ways of communicating in case your equipment (such as a laptop) is lost, damaged, or stolen, or in case of a natural disaster that disrupts internet service. You risk automatically failing if your mentor cannot contact you and if you cannot provide updates according to GSoC deadlines.

Personal Information

  • Name
  • Email and contact options (IRC, Matrix, …)
  • Phone number (optional, but recommended)
  • Timezone, Usual working hours (UTC)
  • School / University, Degree Program, expected graduation date
  • Short bio / Overview of your background
  • What are your other time commitments? Do you have a job, classes, vacations? When and how long?

Software experience

If applicable, please provide the following information:

  • Portfolio, Website, blog, microblog, Github, Gitlab, …
  • Links to one or more patches submitted
  • Links to posts on the mailing list with the serial output of your build.
  • Please comment on your software and firmware experience.
  • Have you contributed to an open source project? Which one? What was your experience?
  • What was your experience while building and running coreboot? Did you have problems?

Your project

  • Provide an overview of your project (in your own words).
  • Provide a breakdown of your project in small specific weekly goals. Think about the potential timeline.
  • How will you accomplish this goal? What is your working style?
  • Explain what risks or potential problems your project might experience.
  • What would you expect as a minimum level of success?
  • Do you have a stretch goal?


  • Resume (optional)

Advice on how to apply

  • GSoC Contributor Guide
  • The Drupal project has a great page on how to write an GSoC application.
  • Secrets for GSoC success: [2]


Each accepted project will have at least one mentor. We will match mentors and contributors based on the project and experience level. If possible, we also will try to match their time zones.

Mentors are expected to stay in frequent contact with the contributor and provide guidance such as code reviews, pointers to useful documentation, etc. This should generally be a time commitment of several hours per week.

Some projects might have more than one mentor, who can serve as a backup. They are expected to coordinate with each other and a contributor on a regular basis, and keep track of the contributor process. They should be able to take over mentoring duty if one of the mentors is unavailable (vacations, sickness, emergencies).

Volunteering to be a mentor

If you’d like to volunteer to be a mentor, please read the GSoC Mentor Guide. This will give you a better idea of expectations, and where to go for help. After that, contact Org Admins (see coreboot contacts section above).

The following coreboot developers have volunteered to be GSoC 2022 mentors. Please stop by in our community forums and say hi to them and ask them questions.

  • Tim Wawrzynczak
  • Raul Rangel
  • Ron Minnich