Our forums

The coreboot community has various venues to help each other and discuss the direction of our project.

Mailing list

The first address for coreboot related discussion is our mailing list. You can subscribe on its information page and read its archives.

Real time chat

We also have a real time chat room on IRC, also bridged to Matrix and a Discord presence. You can also find us on OSF Slack, which has channels on many open source firmware related topics. Slack requires that people come from specific domains or are explicitly invited. To work around that, there’s an invite bot to let people in.

Fortnightly coreboot leadership meeting

There’s a leadership meeting held every 14 days (currently every other Wednesday at 10am Pacific Time, usually 18:00 UTC with some deviation possible due to daylight saving time related shifts). The meeting is open to everyone and provides a forum to discuss general coreboot topics, including community and technical matters that benefit from an official decision.

We tried a whole lot of different tools, but so far the meetings worked best with Google Meet, using Google Docs for the agenda and meeting minutes. Neither the video conference nor the document require a Google account to participate, although editing access to the document is limited to adding comments - any desired agenda item added that way will be approved in time before the meeting.