The coreboot community is present at a number of conferences over the year, usually at FOSDEM, OSFC, and the Chaos Communication Congress.

The kind of presence differs, but there’s usually a booth or other kind of gathering where everybody is welcome to say hello and to learn more about coreboot.

Depending on the nature of the conference, coreboot developers might bring their development kit with them and conduct development sessions.


Open Source Firmware at Facebook by David Hendricks and Andrea Barberio at FOSDEM 2019 (video) (slides) (2019-02-03)

Open Source Firmware - A love story by Philipp Deppenwiese at 35c3 (slides) (2018-12-27)

coreboot mainboard porting with Intel FSP 2.0 by Subrata Banik at OSFC 2018

A tale of reusability in coreboot by Furquan Shaikh at OSFC 2018

How to enable AMD IOMMU in coreboot by Piotr Król at OSFC 2018

ARM Trusted Firmware for coreboot developers by Julius Werner at OSFC 2018

Google Secure Microcontroller and Case Closed Debugging by Vadim Bendebury at OSFC 2018

coreboot rompayload by Ron Minnich at OSFC 2018

Run upstream coreboot on an ARM Chromebook by Paul Menzel at ECC 2017

DDR3 memory initialization basics on Intel Sandybrige platforms by Patrick Rudolph at ECC 2017

Let’s move SMM out of firmware and into the kernel by Ron Minnich at ECC 2017

SINUMERIK – step ahead with coreboot by Werner Zeh at ECC 2017

Booting UEFI-aware OS on coreboot enabled platform by Piotr Król and Kamil Wcisło at ECC 2017

Reverse engineering MT8173 PCM firmwares and ISA for a fully free bootchain by Paul Kocialkowski at ECC 2017

A Tale of six motherboards, two BSDs and coreboot by Piotr Kubaj at ECC 2017

Enabling TPM 2.0 on coreboot based devices by Piotr Król and Kamil Wcisło at ECC 2017

Porting coreboot to the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 by Alexander Couzens and Felix Held at ECC 2017

Implementing coreboot in a ground breaking secure system: ORWL by Wim Vervoorn and Gerard Duynisveld at ECC 2017

Buying trustworthy hardware for federal agencies: How open source firmware saves the day by Carl-Daniel Hailfinger at ECC 2017

Verified Boot: Surviving in the Internet of Insecure Things: Randall Spangler by Randall Spangler at coreboot conference 2016

coreboot on RISC-V by Ron Minnich at coreboot conference 2016

An Open Source Embedded Controller by Bill Richardson at coreboot conference 2016

KB9012 EC Firmware Reverse Engineering by Paul Kocialkowski at coreboot conference 2016

coreboot on ARM by Julius Werner at coreboot conference 2016

Intel FSP 2.0 overview by Giri Mudusuru and Vincent Zimmer at coreboot conference 2016

coreboot Internals by Aaron Durbin at coreboot conference 2016

Skylake FSP to coreboot integration overview by Robbie Zhang at coreboot conference 2016

S3 implementation on Braswell by Hannah Williams at coreboot conference 2016