Upcoming release - coreboot 4.20

The 4.20 release is planned for the 20th of April 2023.

The 4.21 release is planned for around the 17th of July, 2023

Update this document with changes that should be in the release notes.

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  • The chip and board additions and removals will be updated right before the release, so those do not need to be added.
  • Note that all changes before the release are done are marked upcoming. A final version of the notes are done after the release.
  • This document may also be edited at the google doc copy: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_0PeRxzT7ep8dIZobzIqG4n6Xwz3kkIDPVQURX7YTmM/edit

Significant or interesting changes

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Additional coreboot changes

The following are changes across a number of patches, or changes worth noting, but not needing a full description.

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Plans to move platform support to a branch

Intel Quark SoC & Galileo mainboard

The SoC Intel Quark is unmaintained and different efforts to revive it have so far failed. The only user of this SoC ever was the Galileo board.

Thus, to reduce the maintanence overhead for the community, support for the following components will be removed from the master branch and will be maintained on the release 4.20 branch.

  • Intel Quark SoC
  • Intel Galileo mainboard

Statistics from the 4.19 to the 4.20 release

  • To be filled in immediately before the release by the release team

Significant Known and Open Issues

  • To be filled in immediately before the release by the release team