This page describes how to run coreboot on the Rotundu compute board from OpenCellular.


  • Configure UART
  • EC interface

Flashing coreboot

Type Value
Socketed flash no
Model W25Q128
Size 16 MiB
In circuit flashing yes
Package SOIC-8
Write protection No
Dual BIOS feature No
Internal flashing yes

Internal programming

The SPI flash can be accessed using flashrom.

External programming

The GBCv1 board does have a pinheader to flash the SOIC-8 in circuit. Directly connecting a Pomona test-clip on the flash is also possible.

Closeup view of SOIC-8 flash IC


SPI header


SPI header pinout

Dediprog compatible pinout.



SoC Intel Baytrail
Coprocessor Intel ME