Intel Ice Lake RVP (Reference Validation Platform)

This page describes how to run coreboot on the Intel icelake_rvp board.

Ice Lake RVP is based on Intel Ice Lake platform, please refer to below link to get more details

Intel Ice Lake coreboot development

Building coreboot

  • Follow build instructions mentioned in Ice Lake document

Intel Ice Lake coreboot development

  • The default options for this board should result in a fully working image:
	# echo "CONFIG_VENDOR_INTEL=y" > .config
	# echo "CONFIG_BOARD_INTEL_ICELAKE_RVPU=y" >> .config
	# make olddefconfig && make

Flashing coreboot

Type Value
Socketed flash no
Vendor Winbond
Size 32 MiB
Internal flashing yes
External flashing yes